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Wednesday, 26th July 2006

Welcome to the latest Bird Sanctuary update.

This time around we have three new tributes to add. Firstly, we have another of the early Firebird Silver £2.50 releases – a very cold platform game. Next we have a newly discovered ‘Lost’ utility which was intended for a budget release, and lastly we have a sequel to a very popular Firebird arcade game.
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Sunday, 14th May 2006

Firstly, give or take a few days this website has now been live for four years! It’s also the 17th anniversary of TelecomSoft being sold to MicroProse, 18 years since I first started working for TelecomSoft and 22 years since the company was originally started. Time certainly flies!
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Friday, 21st April 2006

Welcome to the latest update. Various bits and bobs have had minor updates here and there throughout the site. I know it’s not very informative, but information gets tweaked on a regular basis as more historical facts come to light. Secondly, we have some new tribute pages:
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Tuesday, 4th April 2006

New information has been added to the TelecomSoft section (photos and colleagues), novelist James Follet shares his anecdotes on how he came to write novellas for Rainbird, more information about the unfinished E.P.T. has come to light, and new Lost in time tributes include:
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Thursday, 12th January 2006

Happy New Year! I’ve been very busy since the last update way back in August, but here at last is the next update to the Bird Sanctuary. The site now has a slightly different look and feel, and is now using a database behind-the-scenes. There are lots of small changes and minor tweaks here and there and extra information on existing pages is scattered throughout the site – there are far too many to mention them all here!
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