Over the years a large number of graphic artists worked on TelecomSoft titles. A few are mentioned here, with hopefully more to come in the future:

Stephen Robertson

Most recognisable by his 8-bit title screen signature SIR, Stephen created a series of C64 title screens for the budget range Firebird Silver/Silverbird between 1986 and 1987. Titles included Freak Factory, Happiest Days of your Life, Harvey Headbanger, I Ball, Microrhythm, Olli and Lisa, Warhawk, Twinky Goes Hiking. Stephen has his own website, found here.

An interview with Stephen can be found on the excellent C64 web site Lemon 64.

David Rowe

David Rowe created some of the most memorable paintings for Firebird's 8-bit classics, including the eye that adorned The Sentinel, and the cover for the Flying Shark conversions. His first piece of artwork for TelecomSoft was actually for Beyond just after they had been bought by BT (for the Monolith game Bounces).

In addition, David also worked for Starlight Software and produced the artwork for the charity 8-bit software compilation Soft Aid. He also contributed the background art for the children's British TV series Knightmare and later created the artwork that adorned the box for the classic EA game Populous. David is married to the equally accomplished artist, Susan Rowe, who also produced some work for TelecomSoft (including the back of the novella The Darkness Rises that came with the Rainbird title Jewels of Darkness and some unused artwork for the Firebird coin-op conversion of Rainbow Islands).

Herman Serrano

Herman is one of a rare breed of artists who is as adept with a paintbrush as he is with a mouse. Apart from co-designing Weird Dreams (as well as doing all the in-game graphics, the title screen and the box artwork), Herman contributed a number of other paintings including Carrier Command, Quartz, and Savage.

Titles screens drawn by Herman included Carrier Command, Quartz, Savage, Starglider 2, Verminator, and Virus (ST version only). He also contributed some of the in-game graphics for Starglider (Mac and Spectrum), Carrier Command (icons on 16-bit versions), and Stunt Car Racer.

Steinar Lund

Steinar Lund is a veteran of computer game artwork. In the past he produced art for dozens of UK publishers including Martech, Mirrorsoft, TelecomSoft (obviously!), Quicksilva, Domark, MicroProse, Electric Dreams, Empire, Llamasoft and many others.

Rainbird's Starglider featured a poster created by Steinar. He also did the box artwork for Firebird's Gyron and Firebird Silver's I, Ball, The Extirpator and more besides.

He also used to live quite close to fellow artist and TelecomSoft contributor, David Rowe.

When MicroProse UK bought Firebird and Rainbird from BT, they asked Steinar to create new versions of the iconic logos. He also produced the cover for 3D Pool.

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  1. Pablo

    Great site, with lots of information and really interesting inside stories. Congratulations!

    I was looking for information about Steve Weston’s cover artwork for Hewson. He was the main cover artist for games produced by Hewson Consultants during 1986 and 1991, classics like Uridium, Zynaps, Ranarama, Nebulus or Exolon, among a long list of them, including late 16 bit titles like Custodian, Astaroth and Onslaught. He also designed their last logo (the one with the golden lizard).

    There’s few information about Weston’s career on the net. He sadly passed away in 2010, but his son (also an artist himself), mantains a tribute site dedicated to him ( There you’ll see some of his work for Hewson, but also for Telecomsoft. For example, the stunning Starglider II cover and also the Fish cover artwork, both for Rainbird, but I have found not verified information on a forum somewhere where it said that he also did the cover artwork for Silicon Dreams, Jinxter, Knight Orc and Tracker, all of them released by Rainbird.

    For example, the Magnetron cover intended for release (, is very similar to the final one, only colors, logo and minor details change, but the picture’s composition is basically the same. At that time at Hewson, Weston was responsible of 80 or 90 % of their covers (only in 1987 he did verified covers for Gunrunner, Ranarama, Alleykat, Zynaps, Exolon and Nebulus), so I’m quite sure the Magnetron and Morpheus original covers were done by him. The problem with Weston’s airbrush cover artwork is that it’s quite difficult to find his signature, sometimes it’s missing or out of frame.

    Anyway, I just wanted to comment this, maybe it’s worth investigating other possible Rainbird or Firebird covers illustrated by Steve Weston (The Guild Of Thieves or Tower Of Babel, maybe?). Thank you.

    All the best



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