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In 1987, TelecomSoft and Activision struck a deal that allowed the Firebird Silver 1.99 range to publish some Activision titles as budget re-releases. The deal also included selected games released by Gamestar and the UK publishing label, Electric Dreams.

The titles released by Firebird included Back to the Future, Beamrider, Decathlon, Enduro, Great American Road Race, H.E.R.O., I of the Mask, Mermaid Madness, On Court Tennis, On Field Football, Park Patrol, Pitfall, Pitfall 2, Prodigy, Riddler’s Den, River Raid, Space Shuttle, Winter Sports, Zenji, Zone Ranger.

A 1987 release list including Activision titles that weren't publishedOther Activision titles were due for release by Firebird, including Master of the Lamps, Pyramid of Time, Breakstreet and Futureball. The UK magazine Zzap!64 did actually review Pyramid of Time, but like Breakstreet and Futureball, it was never published.

There is another business link between TelecomSoft and Activision. Activision’s US parent company (Mediagenic) became the distributor for Rainbird and Firebird games published in the US for a short while before the operation was closed down.

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