Action Fighter (Firebird)

Action Fighter (Firebird)


Action Fighter is a Sega coin-op conversion which obviously had inspiration from the early 80s Bally Midway coin-op ‘Spy Hunter’.

The player controls a variety of different vehicles, starting with a motor cycle. The game scrolls vertically, so the player rushes up the screen, weaving in and out of traffic on the roads.

The player is given a different secret mission at the start of each level. For example, destroying three enemy u-boats. Letter icons are collected which eventually trigger the transformation of your motorbike into a car, which is much less likely to explode when bumped by another vehicle on the road. Continuing to collect letters E and F will also transform your car into a plane.

Being a shoot 'em up, the player shoots and destroys as many of the enemy vehicles as they can. A Sega vehicle (truck, helicopter etc.) will appear once in a while, and driving or flying inside will give the player extra weaponry, allowing them to fire airborn rockets at enemy helicopters, collect a limited shield and so on.

Each mission is played against the clock, and the player begins with five lives. The motorbike is the most vulnerable vehicle, so collecting the letters to upgrade to the more robust car is usually a good idea!


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  1. Grunaki

    This was a good little post-Spyhunter blast.. I had it for the ST and quite liked it. I think on the final stage you turn into a plane.

    Was a nice ‘spiritual successor’ to the original Spyhunter, as the Spyhunter 2 coin-op was pretty bad and was fairly obscure and never got converted to home systems (as far as I’m aware)


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