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For anyone who is interested (very doubtful!), what follows is an alphabetical list of software titles I’ve been involved with down the years, from 1988 – 1998 (oh, and one entry from 1984 when I was still an ‘A’ Level student at College).

These are titles that I worked on during my time in games software publishing, either in a full-time or freelance capacity. This list includes many titles not published by TelecomSoft.

My involvement was as Producer/Project Manager, and/or I wrote the manuals and/or I acted as play-tester. Sometimes my contribution was large, other times it was quite small.

If you wish to contact me via email, send a message to rainbirdrich at birdsanctuary.co.uk.

* = Ultimately released by a different publisher
** = Unpublished

3D Pool Firebird Software 1989
3 Skulls of the Toltecs Time Warner Interactive 1996
Abbey Road Interactive Tour Promo EMI 1996
Acrobat, The Rainbird Software 1989**
Action Fighter Firebird Software 1989
Air Power Mindscape International (UK) 1995
Al Unser Jnr. Arcade Racing Mindscape International (UK) 1995
Alien 3 Image Works/Arena 1991*
Alien Olympics Mindscape International (UK) 1994
Arch Rivals Image Works/Arena 1991*
Azrael’s Tear Mindscape International (UK) 1996
Bart Simpson vs The Space Mutants Image Works/Arena 1991*
Battlemaster PSS/Arena 1991
Battletoads Mindscape International (UK) 1993
Beneath a Steel Sky Virgin Games 1994
Betrayal Rainbird Software 1989
Blade Warrior Image Works 1990
Bloodwych (8-bit, IBM PC) Image Works 1990
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Virgin Games 1996
Cadaver Image Works 1990/91
Caesar’s Palace (Sega Game Gear) Virgin Games 1993
Cannon Fodder Image Works 1991*
Captive 2: Liberation Mindscape International (UK) 1993
Carrier Command (all except ST/Amiga) Rainbird Software 1989
Corruption Rainbird Software 1988
Counter Action Mindscape International (UK) 1997
Cyberspeed Mindscape International (UK) 1995
Dino Dini’s Goal! Virgin Games 1993
DMG Interactive Catalogue EMI 1997
Dracula (PC, Sega Megadrive) Psygnosis 1994
Drop Soldier Image Works 1991**
Druid 2: Enlightenment (Amiga) Firebird Software 1988
Dune Virgin Games 1992
Dune II Virgin Games 1993
Duster Image Works 1991**
Elf Mania Renegade 1993
Elite (ST/Amiga) Firebird Software 1988
E.P.T. Rainbird Software 1988**
Final Battle, The PSS 1990
Fire Fighter Mindscape International (UK) 1993
First Contact Rainbird Software 1989
Fish! Rainbird Software 1989
Flight of the Amazon Queen Time Warner Interactive 1995
Football Manager (BBC) Addictive Games 1984
Frontier: Elite II Konami/Gametek 1993
G.I. Hero Firebird Software 1988
Hexx Psygnosis 1994
Hired Guns Psygnosis 1993
Intensity Firebird 1988
KGB/Conspiracy Virgin Games 1992/93
Killing Cloud, The Image Works 1991
La Boheme EMI 1996
Lands of Lore Virgin Games 1993
Lasers and Labyrinths Rainbird 1988**
Legend Image Works/Mindscape 1991/92
Legend Adventurer’s Handbook Mindscape 1992
Legend of Kyrandia, The Virgin Games 1992
Lords of Midnight III: The Citadel Domark 1995
Lost Eden Virgin Interactive 1995
Lure of the Temptress Image Works/Virgin Games 1991/92
Megarace 2 Mindscape 1996
Microcosm Psygnosis 1993/94
Mr. Heli Firebird 1989
Music Week CD-ROM EMI 1997