3D Pool (Firebird)

3D Pool (Firebird)


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  1. Grunaki

    I had 3D pool for the ST and Sharkey’s Pool for the PC (which – not having a PC of my own at the time – I used to play on the library computers in College, and which got me yelled at by the techies a couple of times as well!).. I didn’t actually think they were the same game until I saw this article.

    I wasn’t such a big fan of the ST version, and then Archer Maclean’s Pool came out for it (Using the ‘Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker’ engine) and that was really the definitive ST/Amiga pool game, so I didn’t play this much after that.

    I found Sharkey’s Pool a lot more playable though (even though the graphics were lower rez,the game played better) and to be honest I mostly played it in 2D mode. I also liked that you could play 9-Ball and there was another rotation mode with 50 target balls on the table which was also fun.


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