3D Pool (Firebird)

3D Pool (Firebird)


The copy on the back of the 3D Pool inlay says:

The first 3-dimensional computer Pool game that lets you view the table from almost ANY ANGLE YOU CHOOSE! Rotate and tilt the Pool table to setup your shot, then crack the cue ball into the pack. You've never seen anything like it!

Stunningly realistic true to life 3D Pool simulation.
Awe-inspiring realtime rotating table.
Super intelligent computer-controlled opponents.
Delicate control of spin, swerve and power.
All the fun of creating your own trick shots.
Pit your wits against Maltese Joe - European Pool champ!


3D Pool was released in a double-cassette crystal case and the larger 5.25" disc crystal case for the C64 and 16-bit disk versions.

Magazine adverts

The original 3D Pool advert was in the much-used photo style that the TelecomSoft Marketing department was so fond of back in 1988.

The MicroProse advert was very simple (as was the game packaging), featuring Steinar Lund's graphic design. Microprose didn't list the formats available. Instead they simply declared 'Available on all formats now!' which was extremely ambiguous but was probably chosen because they were uncertain which versions they were going to publish.


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  1. Grunaki

    I had 3D pool for the ST and Sharkey’s Pool for the PC (which – not having a PC of my own at the time – I used to play on the library computers in College, and which got me yelled at by the techies a couple of times as well!).. I didn’t actually think they were the same game until I saw this article.

    I wasn’t such a big fan of the ST version, and then Archer Maclean’s Pool came out for it (Using the ‘Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker’ engine) and that was really the definitive ST/Amiga pool game, so I didn’t play this much after that.

    I found Sharkey’s Pool a lot more playable though (even though the graphics were lower rez,the game played better) and to be honest I mostly played it in 2D mode. I also liked that you could play 9-Ball and there was another rotation mode with 50 target balls on the table which was also fun.


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