About the Bird Sanctuary

Welcome to The Bird Sanctuary, a safe haven for memories of TelecomSoft, better known by the publishing labels Firebird, Rainbird and Silverbird Software.

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In its heyday in the 1980s, TelecomSoft published some classic computer games on 8-bit and 16-bit computers, including Carrier Command, Elite, Jewels of Darkness, The Pawn, Starglider, Thrust and Virus to name just a few.

Rainbird Software Logo Firebird Software 'Legend' Logo 1988 Silverbird Software Logo

Select a logo above to see a list of titles published on that label. Please be aware that Silverbird covers all the budget games released by TelecomSoft (including Firebird £2.50, Firebird Silver, the Super Silver range and Silverbird) and Firebird just lists the full-priced titles published on that label.

This site tells the stories about the games TelecomSoft published from a unique first-hand ‘behind-the-scenes’ perspective and has been compiled, written and contributed to by ex-TelecomSoft staff and developers, along with help from like-minded fans.

I created this site because I wanted to accurately describe my own memories of working for TelecomSoft. I worked there during the last twelve months of its ownership by British Telecom, before the publishing labels were sold to rival games publisher, Microprose UK. I then worked for the new owners for just over five months before they closed the London office for good and relocated to the MicroProse UK offices in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

The Bird Sanctuary represents the most detailed, comprehensive and authoritative web site about a solitary UK Software publisher on the Internet. Historical accuracy is the aim, but I appreciate that sometimes people’s memories or perspective on an event may differ.

As some of this site is based upon personal memories that are now over thirty years old (!), there is a chance that the information here might not be 100% accurate. I’m more than willing to correct inaccuracies, and give others the chance to offer their own memories or opinions on what went on during the development of the games covered here. So, if any ex-colleagues or developers wish to contribute, please get in contact. The more the merrier!

Some information on this site has been sourced from elsewhere on the Internet and credit and thanks is made where appropriate. All other images, files, etc. have been scanned and/or created specifically for this site.

The copyright on the Rainbird, Firebird and Silverbird logos shown here originally belonged to British Telecom and subsequently MicroProse UK Limited. After changing hands via MicroProse, Spectrum Holobyte, Hasbro Interactive, Inforgrames and Atari, the Firebird logo and most of the back catalogue of titles currently appear to belong to Tommo Inc.

I hope that some of you find this site interesting and maybe even a little nostalgic. Please pop back once in a while, as more information will be added on a semi-regular basis. Please feel free to pass comment on this site and add your own memories of the various games that were published.

Please note that the Bird Sanctuary is a non-profit and personal web site which is not officially affiliated with British Telecommunications plc (BT) or Tommo Inc. in any way.