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In Memory of Dad

This web site is dedicated to the memory of my dad, who died at the end of April 2012. Dad introduced me to computers in the early 80s by buying our family a Model B BBC Micro, and so gave me the spark that ignited a hobby and multiple careers. Thanks Dad, we love you and we all miss you every single day.


Happy 30th Birthday Firebird!

TelecomSoft (and the Firebird Software publishing label) was created 30 years ago, and you can read how it happened by visiting The History of Firebird Software.

The first batch of Firebird Silver £2.50 games began appearing in November 1984, so it’s a smidgen under 30 years since those early releases were first bought and played.
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Wednesday, 15th April 2009

It’s been another really busy period since the last update. However, a number of small amendments and additions have been made since then; most noticeably the removal of the ‘forums’ and the ‘blog’. A chronic under-use and a constant attack of dubious registrations and subsequent spam attacks put paid to the forum, and I simply didn’t have enough to say to justify a blog at the moment.
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Thursday, 29th May 2008

May is always an anniversary of some kind for The Bird Sanctuary or TelecomSoft. It’s now an unbelievable 20 years since I started working for the company, it’s 19 years since Firebird and Rainbird were sold by BT and it’s 6 years since this website first went live!
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